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Diary of Events


6th May 2018 - AGM (Members Only). Venue: The Jubilee Room, Don Amott Memorial Hall, Peacroft Lane, Hilton. DE65 5GH commencing at 11am

Items for the Agenda or Nominations for Election (Officers & Trustees) to be with the Secretary by 1st March 2018

There will be a Trustee meeting after the AGM, so if anyone would like an item to be placed on the Agenda for discussion, could you please send it to the Secretary (mishules@sky.com) , it must be with the Secretary 14 days prior to the meeting, otherwise it will be carried forward to the next meeting- Thankyou

Dont forget to update the Treasurer/ Secretary if you have changed your email address

13th May 2017 - AGM (members only).

28th May 2016 - AGM (Members Only)

31st May 2015 - AGM (Members only)

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