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As defined in the Constitution, Trustees serve for a period of one year, but are eligible for re-election at the next Annual General Meeting. The Trustees are:

        Telephone   eMail
Chairman   Carol Gill   01207 570258   k9gundogs@outlook.com
Secretary   Shula Shipton   07540 098879   mishules@sky.com
Treasurer   Cherryl Smith   07973551439   cherryl@soberhill.co.uk
Trustee   Elspeth Hazell       elspeth57@hotmail.com
Trustee   Angela Wood   France   angela.wood499@orange.fr
Trustee   Nicole Dooley   USA   nicholeamie@yahool.com
Trustee   Sadie Parkes (Newsletter)       sadieparkes@aol.com
Trustee   Alan Wooldridge       e.wooldridge@hotmail.co.uk
Trustee   Lin Robins       destanlirobins@aol.com
Trustee   Judy Crisp       judycrisp132@gmail.com
Trustee   Maria Kohlstrom   Sweden   m.kohlstrom@telia.com

The above Officers and Trustees have signed the Confidentiality Agreement which requires all Field Spaniel information to be treated in the strictest confidence. Owners/dogs will not be identified without the prior agreement of the owners

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