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The Field Spaniel Health Charity is totally independant from the Field Spaniel Society. We are planning a series of fund-raising activities in order that we can run future health-testing and educational events.

If anyone would like to do some fund raising on behalf of the Charity let us know and we will advertise it here.

We wish to thank the Members and Officers of the Consett Canine Society for the substantial amount raised and donated by them to the Field Spaniel Health Charity.

We would like to thank Dawn Kirby for kindly donating the book "The History and Management of the Field Spaniel" by Peggy Grayson, sold on ebay to raise valuble funds for the Field Spaniel Health Charity

Sold a brand new (boxed) generator to raise funds for the FS Health Charity very kindly donated by Chris and Francis Dark.. Thank - You for your support

£ $ £ $ £ $ £ $

Judy Crisp is still very busy working away, producing lots of various doggie items with a percentage going to the Charity. So another big Thank you richly deserved.

£ $ £ $ £ $ £ $

We would like to thank Sadie Parkes for all her hard work making her hand made cards and selling them to raise money for the Charity

£ $ £ $ £ $ £ $

We would like to thank Alison Dyne, one of our overseas members, for all her hard work baking doggie treats better known as "Gourmet George treats" … the tuna fudge recipe and selling them amongst friends to raise funds for the Charity. A super donation from the sale of the treats has helped the funds and a lot of Dogs have thoroughly enjoyed eating them I'm sure!

£ $ £ $ £ $ £ $

Shula our Secretary is doing a fantastic job having a sponsored slim to raise money for your Charity. If you would like to support Shula in all her hard work, you can donate either by sending a cheque (please put "slim" on the back) direct to the Treasurer Cherryl Smith, Soberhill Farm, Wilfholme, Driffield, YO25 9BQ, or via our Paypal account (you can pay by your debit card, credit card or paypal account if you have one) go to funds@fieldspanielhealth.co.uk click on "pay or send money" then "family and friends" . There should be no fees within the UK, anything sent from overseas may have a small currency conversion charge before we receive the donation.. All the money raised goes to the Charity, so all donations great or small will be very much appreciated and put to very good use monitoring and researching the health of our lovely breed.

£ $ £ $ £ $ £ $

SOLD - A Bone China plate kindly donated by Margaret Robson with all proceeds donated to the FSHC

£ $ £ $ £ $ £ $

SOLD - Oven Kindly donated to raise funds for the FSHC by Chris and Francis Dark

£ $ £ $ £ $ £ $

2014 Raffle

The Raffle was drawn at the Health Charity Seminar on 7th December 2014.
The list of winners is shown below.

  Prize Winner
1st 50 in Cash Su Yu
2nd Ted Baker Luxury Bath Set Chris Messer
3rd Doggy Hamper Joyce Harris
4th Wagg 17kg Bag Pam Hall
5th Christmas Hamper Cherryl Smith
6th Training / Show Hamper R. Rorke
7th Anne Tempest Tottering Gentley E. Charlton
8th Cushion Linda
9th Red Harness Susan White
10th Cocktail Shaker Peta Threlfall
11th Yumove Susan White
12th Harness Shula Shipton
13th Gucci Tie Rack M. Smith
14th James Bond Bag K. Young
15th 12 Month Subscription for 'Dogs Today' L. Bannister
16th Tour of Burton Athletic FC Ann Harding
17th Petcetra Gift Voucher V. Haywood
18th Collar & Lead Mrs Williams
19th Thierry Mugley Handbag Sallie
20th Georgio Amani Towel I. Parkes
21st Massage DVD Myke Harding
22nd Vetcare Healthy Joints C. Bailliss
23rd Tamworth Castle S. Campbell
24th Field Spaniel Tanker & Vase K. Morgan
25th Wilko's Gift Voucher Sadie Parkes
26th Field Spaniel Book V. Henderson
27th Collar & Lead J. Harness
28th 2 Collars Garry
29th Scarf H. Charlton
30th Dog Tricks / Puppy Parenting M. Purcell
31st Collars C. Smith
32nd Musical Bells Margaret Robson
33rd DVD Malcolm Fowkes
34th Cake Kate Robertshaw
35th Cheese & Wine Hamper F. Mac
36th Rope Toy S. Taylor
37th Incense Carol Gill

We wish to thank the following for their kind and very generous offers of gifts as prizes for our Raffle. Thank you all so much, it is very much appreciated
Highland veterinary Practice
Natural Vetcare
Sadie Parkes
Dogs Today
Canine Massage Therapy Centre
Ann Harding
Burton Albion Football Club
Dogs Monthly

If you have any items that you would like to offer to raise funds, please contact our Ebay Manager:-
Judy Crisp. email: judycrisp132@gmail.com or tel: 01202 849150

Your support is greatly appreciated - Thank you.
Please keep a watch on the listings so you don't miss out on that perfect gift.

If you are interested in Fund-raising for the Charity through eBay, click  
To see some of the items we currently have available for sale, click  

If anyone else is intending to fund-raise on behalf of the Charity, please let us know.
These activities will be advertised on this web site. Please visit this page regularly to see details.
We also welcome direct Donations to the Charity.

Various Items of Gifts for sale on behalf of the Charity have already been donated
to view, please visit ebay seller ID fieldspanielhealth


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