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Latest News - 2019

Late Onset Epilepsy for the Genome project.

Field Spaniel Research

The Kennel Club Genetics Centre at the Animal Health Trust is investigating Idiopathic
Epilepsy in many breeds, including the “late-onset” epilepsy in Field Spaniels. An important
step in potentially identifying genetic risk factors is to thoroughly understand the history
and inheritance of the disease in Field Spaniels. We are therefore requesting owners of all
Field Spaniels (whether currently alive or not), especially dogs that are clinically affected
or related to affected dogs, to provide us with information about their dogs.
Please tell us as much as you can about your dog's health and breeding, and
enclose a 5-generation pedigree. Any information provided here will ONLY be used for
research that benefits dogs. It will be held in strictest confidence and will only be shared
with research collaborators as required to progress the research. It WILL NOT be shared
with breeders or other breed stakeholders. Click HERE to download the form
Thank you for providing this information and contributing to the research of Field Spaniel lateonset
epilepsy. If you have any queries or problems, and to return your completed from please
contact Chris Jenkins.
Address: Kennel Club Genetics Centre, Animal Health Trust, Kentford, Newmarket, CB8 7UU,
United Kingdom.
Email: chris.jenkins@aht.org.uk
Telephone: 01638 751 000 (extension number 1251).

Your Trustees would like to wish you all a Happy Healthy New Year for 2019


The University of Nottingham is undertaking research into cancer in dogs and is requesting help from Owners and Breeders. All information is confidential and goes direct to them via their survey, for which a link is supplied below. The Field Spaniel Health Charity offers it's full support to this project which is being carried out by Dr Mark Dunning


Data will be collected by the University of Nottingham on various Spaniel Breeds, and it is stated that statistical updates will be passed back to the Breeds participating. If you have had any dog/dogs that have sadly been affected by Cancer including any that are no longer here, then please spare a few minutes to complete Nottingham University's survey and help in the research to benefit other dogs that may become affected by this awful disease.


The Field Spaniel Health Charity hope you will all co-operate with this survey, which could be very important to our breed now and in the future. If you would like any more information or have questions on the above, please get in touch with our Secretary Shula Shipton using the link in the left hand border of this page - Thank you.

5th June 2017 - Our latest Newsletter has just gone out today. If anyone has not received theirs within a couple of days, please check your inbox is not full then please get in touch with the Treasurer by clicking the link or you can use cherryl@soberhill.co.uk

20th March 2017 - Please update the Treasurer if you have changed your email address.

The first Newsletter of 2017 is in the process of being compiled, so if any of you have an article or funny story about your Fieldie that you would like to share, please send to our Editor Sadie (sadieparkes@aol.com or sadieparkes@sky.com). Don't forget it's your articles that make the Newsletter something for everyone.


12th November 2016 - A Spaniel Breeder Workshop (Open to All Breeds) with the focus on Cancer's to be held at the University of Nottingham, Sutton Bonington Campus, Sutton Bonington, Leics, LE12 5RD.

This is open to all breeds but is especially aimed towards Spaniel Breeders. This is a workshop where we discuss what cancers / conditions we have experienced in our breeds and then the talks in the afternoon can be targeted towards the topics which were highlighted in the morning. The cost is £15.00 a ticket which goes towards catering, with the facilities and speakers being donated.

A lot of interest has been shown and tickets will be limited so will be allocated on a first booked basis. Please book early to avoid disappointment. The Booking Form can be found by clicking HERE.

The draw for the Raffle we have been running throughout the last couple of months and up to the Workshop will be drawn before the close of the Workshop. Raffle tickets are still available from any of the Trustees at the shows or can be on ordered from Sadie email: sadieparkes@aol.com.
There are lots of Prizes to be won, including £50 Cash for 1st Prize. Click HERE. to see a full list.


Our Secretary Shula is putting herself through a sponsored slim to raise money for the charity. Please go to "fund raising" in the side menue for more information if you would like to support her. All donations will be very much appreciated.

SOLD a brand new (boxed) generator to raise funds for the FS Health Charity very kindly donated by Chris and Francis Dark.-


The Spring Newsletter first of 2016 has been sent out to all Members via email and also available to download off our Facebook group.

Our AGM Notification has been sent to all members via email

1st January 2016 - We would like to wish all our members and their dogs are a very Happy and Healthy 2016.

If any of our members has any issues or suggestions they would like to put to the Trustees at their future committee meetings, please get in touch with our Secretary email: mishules@sky.com.

5th August 2015 - Two big Thank you's must go to Judith Crisp and Alison Dyne for working hard to fund raise for us. More details can be found on the" fund raising" page on the side menu

2nd August 2015 - The plate has now been sold and is winging it's way over to the United States to it's new owner.

SOLD - 2nd July 2015 - A Bone China Plate beautifully hand painted by James Skerritt showing a Field Spaniel has been very kindly donated by Margaret Robson to raise funds for our Health Charity. The plate will be placed on ebay for sale with a £100 reserve.

1st June 2015 - We welcome two new Trustrees Alison Dyne and Maria Kohlstrom. The amendments to our Constitution to increase the number of Trustees and to change conditions of membership to also "Include anyone that has a keen interest in the breed" were passed by members at the AGM.

30th March - The Agenda and paperwork for our Inaugural AGM has been sent out to all members via email. If you have not received yours, please get in touch with the Acting Secretary.

29th March - The 3rd Issue of our Newsletter has been sent out today to all our members. We have had a few that have been returned with "mail box full" and one with "email address no longer valid" If yours has not arrived in your mail box, please get in touch with the Acting Treasurer.

30th January - Our First set of Accounts and Notice of our AGM have now been sent out via email to all our members. If your's have not arrived yet, please get back in touch with the Acting Treasurer

1st January 2015 - We wish all our Members and their dogs a happy healthy 2015

15th December 2014 - Your second Newsletter has now been sent out via email. Remember it is vitally important to notify us if your email address has changed otherwise you will miss out on news.

14th December 2014 - Website updates

The List of Trustees has been updated.
Click here to see details.

The Fund-Raising web page has been updated with details of winners from our 2014 Raffle.
Click here to see details.

The Health Schemes page has been updated.
Click here to see details.

The Health Test Results page has been updated with additional Hip Scores.
Click here to see details.

28th September 2014 - Health Seminar booking forms for the 7th December can be downloaded by clicking HERE

14th September 2014 - We are running a raffle from now up to the Health Seminar, when the draw will take place. Lots of prizes including a first prize of £50 in cash, tickets 25p each or a book of 4 for a £1. Tickets can be purchased from any of the Acting Trustees. For a list of some of the prizes please go to "Fund Raising" in the side menue

6th August 2014 - We have to say a big thankyou to Chris and Francis Dark for donating a brand new Cooker to be sold in aid of our funds. We also want to thank Judy Crisp for all the hard work she is putting in, making the show clip armbands with a percentage of the profit going to the Charity. If you haven't seen them yet they are well worth a look. Our thanks also go to all those that have sent in donations to help our funds. It is very much appreciated and humbling that people have been so generous. Thankyou all. The Cooker sold for a fabulous amount so thanks again to Chris and Francis

4th July 2014 - An update for our members regarding the website issue below - All documentation has now been handed over to Action Fraud and the Police.

24th June 2014 - Website Status - Statement from the Acting Trustees
Some of you will be aware that the Field Spaniel Health website (fieldspanielhealth.co.uk) has been unavailable during the last few days. This matter has now been resolved and the site is fully operational again. The unavailability was caused by a malicious attempt by the FSS Chairman to seize control of the Charity's website, by changing the ownership details. However, as she was unable to provide the necessary verification information, the attempt was rejected by the website registrar. Nevertheless, this caused the website to be suspended until the matter could be resolved. The website host (one.com) and domain registrar (nominet) were apologetic and embarrassed that this hacking had taken place. Additional security has now been implemented to prevent any possible re-occurence.
In case anybody is in any doubt, let me confirm that Field Spaniel Health is an independent small charity, registered with the Inland Revenue in the UK. It is a not-for-profit organisation and is independent of any other breed organisation. It is not connected with any breed club such as the FSS. The objectives of the charity are to "Promote the Health of the Field Spaniel breed through Monitoring, Testing, Education & Research". The aim is to be truly international and serve the breed in all geographical locations throughout the world, by being a single point of reference, running seminars, health testing sessions, and publishing health information and test results wherever they are available. By attempting to seize ownership of property which she does not own, the actions of the FSS Chairman could be construed as illegal, but more importantly it tarnishes the name of the Field Spaniel Society and brings all associated with it into disrepute.

22nd June 2014 - A beautiful Ted Baker "sitting pretty" vanity bag with contents has been donated for the funds by Ann Harding. This item will be raffled over the coming weeks along with other prizes. For more details please visit "Fund Raising" in the side menu, then click on "items for sale". Also available to purchase are some very unusual designer ring clips.

6th June 2014 - More items have been put up for sale. ebay seller ID - fieldspanielhealth.

28th May 2014 - We are in the process of arranging a Health Seminar for later this year - watch this space for more details

12th May 2014 - We have new ebay listings where all the proceeds go to the Charity.
.To view these items, please search sellers ID - fieldspanielhealth

24th April 2014 - Two new pages have been added to the website (see Buttons in left margin)..
The Fund-Raising page gives details of the Charity's plans regarding fund-raising activities.
The Donations page offers facilities for individuals to make voluntary donations to the Charity.

9th April 2014 - Update re collating information on seizures can be found by clicking on the "Late Seizure" prompt at the side of this page.

6th April 2014 - Below information received by us from Nick Sutton the Health Information Officer at The Kennel Club...........

I’ve been asked by a researcher at the Clinical Investigations Centre at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) to help recruit for a food trail looking into the treatment of epilepsy. A new diet has been developed with the aim of improving the management of epileptic dogs, not only by reducing seizure frequency, but also by decreasing the level of side-effects seen with standard antiepileptic drugs.

The research group have had over 20 dogs successfully complete this trial, and are now looking to recruit a further 10 dogs over the next 6 months. The study is inclusive of all breeds, and the only inclusion criteria are that the dogs are suspected of having idiopathic epilepsy (have an unremarkable MRI and CSF analysis), and are between 6 months and 11 years old. As part of the study they get a free consult with an RVC neurologists, free diagnostic tests and a six month supply of dog food.

If epilepsy is an area of health concern in your breed, then please feel free to distribute the attached flyer amongst your colleagues (contact details for the researchers at the RVC can be found at the bottom of the flyer).

Please go to "Health News" in the side menue for more information or to download the flyer

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11th February 2014

The voting for the approval of the proposed Field Spaniel Health constitution has now closed.
More than half the total membership voted in favour, the Constitution is now approved.
There were no votes against the proposed Constitution.

The approved Field Spaniel Health Constitution has now been loaded to this website.


Material may be copied from this website for personal use only and must not be reproduced or published without the written permission of the Field Spaniel Health Trustees.